CSD Uppsala

Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary centre established at Uppsala University. The Centre is based on a collaboration between Uppsala University (UU) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development aims to be a catalyst for research and education on sustainable development at Uppsala’s two universities, as well as a place for students and researchers.
CSD Uppsala include these programmes:

Visiting address:
Villavägen 16
75 236 UPPSALA
Fax: 018-471 1789

 Study Counsellor

Please contact  Amanda Johnson with all questions concerning our education and courses.
 cvphoto Amanda Johnson
Study Counsellor
Email: susdev@geo.uu.se
Phone: 018-471 71 54


Please note that you find a full list of all CEMUS employee’s including the Course Coordinators under contact on the CEMUS Webpage.

Christian Andersson Christian Andersson
BUP, Project assistant
Phone: +47-73 59 55 31
E-mail: christian.andersson@csduppsala.uu.se
Lyudmyla Babak Lyudmyla Babak
BUP, Administrator
Phone: 018-471 19 42
Email: lyudmyla.babak@csduppsala.uu.se
Kevin Bishop Kevin Bishop
UVC, Program Director
Phone: 018-471 3897
E-mail: kevin.bishop@csduppsala.uu.se
Sofia Ekbom Sofia Ekbom
CEMUS, Course Coordinator/Amanuens
CSD, RCE Uppsala
Teknik, makt och mänsklighetens framtid
Phone: 018-471 2721
E-mail: sofia.ekbom@csduppsala.uu.se
Gloria Gallardo Gloria Gallardo
CEFO, Coordinator
Phone: 018-471 7213
E-mail: gloria.gallardo@csduppsala.uu.se
Maria B. Hejna Maria B. Hejna
BUP, Network manager
Phone: 018-471 17 86
E-mail: maria.hejna@csduppsala.uu.se
Magnus Lehman Magnus Lehman
BUP, Producer
Phone: 018-471 18 40
Email: magnus.lehman@csduppsala.uu.se
 friederikemay- Friederike May
CEMUS, Course Coordinator/Amanuens
E-mail: friederike.may@csduppsala.uu.se
Daniel Mossberg Daniel Mossberg
CSD, Director of Studies
CEMUS, Acting Program Director
Phone: 018-471 2708
E-mail: daniel.mossberg@csduppsala.uu.se
Lars Rudebeck Lars Rudebeck
CSD, Professor emeritus
Phone: 018-471 38 24
Email: lars.rudebeck@csduppsala.uu.se
Lars Rydén Lars Rydén
BUP, Prof., Director emeritus
Phone: 018-471 18 38
Email: lars.ryden@csduppsala.uu.se
Sara Andersson Sara Andersson
CEMUS, Educational coordinator and Forum Coordinator
CSD, RCE Uppsala
Phone: 018-471 2708
E-mail: sara.andersson@csduppsala.uu.se
Doreen Stabinsky Doreen Stabinsky
CSD, Zennström Visiting Professor in Climate Change Leadership
Phone: 018-471 ??
E-mail: doreen.stabinsky@csduppsala.uu.se
Isak Stoddard Isak Stoddard
CEMUS, Acting Program Director
CSD, Coordinator, Zentröm Visiting Professor
Phone: 018-471 2789
E-mail: isak.stoddard@csduppsala.uu.se
Ashok Swain Ashok Swain
CSD, Professor
Phone: 018-471 68 63
Email: ashok.swain@csduppsala.uu.se
Hannes Willner Hannes Willner
CEMUS, Course Coordinator/Amanuens
CEMUS, Forum
Email: hannes.willner@csduppsala.uu.se
Malin Östman Malin Östman
CEMUS, Educational coordinator
CEMUS, Faculty member
Phone: 018-471 7294
E-mail: malin.ostman@csduppsala.uu.se