Welcome to the spring semester at CEMUS! Mandatory registration & open house January 21

We at CEMUS Education at Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development, CSD Uppsala, welcome you to our creative and challenging education that deals with some of the most pressing issues of our times! We hope that you will find your time here exciting, productive and inspiring. Sustainable development as a field of study and research has grown over the last few years and many universities now offer courses or programs on the subject. With twenty years experience of creating and facilitating education for sustainable development, and with the broad competence of Uppsala’s two universities, our aim is to offer you the knowledge, skills and tools that are needed to obtain a world that is desirable, fair and sustainable.

Mandatory registration Monday January 21 at 14-17 pm (drop in) in CEMUS Library, Villavägen 16. We have more applicants for our courses this coming spring semester than we can accept, so it’s extra important that you notify us via email if you cannot attend the registration, but still want to take the course. If you have received your acceptance papers from Uppsala University you can also pre-register at www.studentportalen.uu.se, but you still need to show up to the registration on January 21.

In combination the registration we invite students and the general public to an open house at CEMUS with Swedish fika (coffee, tea and bullar), exhibitions, movie screenings and more!

The CEMUS Education Team