CEMUS Open Lecture with Studio Total, February 5

Studio Total, which bill themselves as “northern Scandinavia’s most notorious ad agency” will visit us at CEMUS in February! Their lecture will focus on innovative and radical ways of raising awareness, questioning norms and bringing about social and political change. Known for crossing boarders and testing socio-political conventions, Studio Total has been behind such actions as the burning of 100000 Swedish Crowns (to suggest that an ad that a half-page ad would never have had the same impact in the fight for equal pay between the sexes) and the pro-democracy teddy bear air-drop over the capital of Belarus, Minsk (to critize the regime for being dictatorial).

Welcome to a provocative, engaging and highly interesting lecture!

Tuesday February 5, 18:15-20:00 in Ihre-salen, Engelska Parken , Thunbergsvägen 3H, Uppsala.

More about Studio Total and their actions: