Walk out, Walk on – CEMUS Open Lecture and Semester Kick-off with Deborah Frieze, January 23

Walk out, Walk on – Communities Daring to Live the Future Now

Open lecture and Semester Kick-off with author, entrepreneur and social activist Deborah Frieze, joined by upcycling artists and urban farmers Aerin Dunford  and Sergio Beltran! Deborah, Aerin and Sergio will share stories of people from all over the that have walked out of limiting beliefs and assumptions and walked on to create healthy and resilient communities. The lecture will be followed by a discussion and a book signing.

More information about Deborah Frieze and her work can be found at: www.walkoutwalkon.net

Please join us on Wednesday January 23rd between 18.15 and 20.30 in Ihre-Salen at Engelska Parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 in Uppsala.

Warmly welcome!